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Friday, April 26: 1pm-5pm

Saturday, April 27: 10am-5pm

Sunday, April 28: 10am-5pm

  • All tickets are will-call. Buy tickets here.

  • Tour booklets, which serve as your ticket to enter each property, will be distributed at each tour home, but not the gardens. Proceed directly to the home of your choice to begin your tour:

1609 South Ponce de Leon Ave

1324 Ponce de Leon Ave

794 Springdale Road

1091 Springdale Road

1202 Springdale Road

1108 Oakdale Road

865 Lullwater Parkway

  • Each check-in table will have access to a list of ticket-holders - there is no need to print anything to show proof of purchase.

  • Tickets are valid for the whole weekend, so take the tour in one day or spread it out over all three days - it's up to you! 

  • You may gain entry to each property only once over the course of the tour.

  • We recommend that you wear or bring comfortable outdoor walking shoes; there are some wonderful gardens for you to explore on our Tour this year. 

  • Please note, the garden paths may be narrow, uneven, and soft in places. 

  • Parking is available on the streets around and surrounding the homes & gardens unless otherwise marked.  

  • Photography, smoking, food, beverages, high heels, backpacks, and strollers are prohibited inside the homes.

  • The Tour will be held rain or shine. In case of heavy rain or lightning in the area, we may temporarily suspend entry to our outdoor gardens until the weather passes. Thank you for your understanding!

DH 2024 tour map.jpg



  • Parking is available on the streets around and surrounding the homes & gardens unless otherwise marked. 

  • Do not double park. Parking is only allowed on ONE side of most streets, unless otherwise indicated. Double parking can cause serious safety issues.

  • Please enter Lullwater Conservation Garden at the south entrance, at Lullwater Drive and Lullwater Parkway. This entrance is directly across the street from 834 and 822 Lullwater Drive.

  • Please enter 1324 Ponce de Leon Avenue (Adair Estate) from the entrance just around the corner on Springdale. Park along Springdale. You will not be able to park on Ponce.

  • Don't forget to join us at our Relaxation Station, in Olmsted Linear Park's "Shadyside Park" across from the Tour homes at 1609 South Ponce de Leon. There will be live music and free refreshments (while supplies last) from 12-3pm on Saturday and Sunday. Parking on South Ponce may be congested during this time; please continue to park further down South Ponce, even crossing Clifton if necessary. Again - do NOT double park.

  • When visiting the garden at 971 Oakdale, park on Oakdale, not the Byway.

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