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We are currently accepting applicants for the 2025 Historic Druid Hills Home & Garden Tour. Reach out via the tabs below if you are interested in having your property featured!


What kind of homes qualify to be on the Tour?

While it is not a requirement, our tour-goers love seeing homes that have interesting architectural details or history behind them. Druid Hills is a neighborhood packed with history!


We consider homes that are "Tour Ready", which means they are clean and ready to be seen by the public. Many families host after a major renovation or after making design updates. You choose what is seen on the tour - while we prefer to showcase the entire house, it is not uncommon for a few rooms or even a floor to be closed off from the public. Most homes showcase part of their exterior grounds, but some do not.

Featured gardens (where the home is not open to the public for touring) should be "Tour Ready" as well. The landscaping should be established, well cared for, and paths/lawns maintained so it's safe and easy for tour-goers to explore. 

Location may play a role in home selection. While its not always possible, we prefer when our homes are relatively nearby one another making it easier for tour-goers to visit each home.

What responsibilities would I have as a host?

You will want your home to look its best when visitors arrive, but we will handle everything else. It's almost like having a real estate showing - you don't even need to be at home! 

Our committee will need to take interior and exterior photos prior to the Tour for publicity purposes. We will also need to meet with you to learn more about your home's history, features of interest, etc. This information will be used to help create the docent notes and will also be used for descriptions on social media and in the Tour booklet that each visitor will receive. We will also meet with you to establish "house rules" for our volunteers and patrons to follow during the Tour.

What perks will we receive as a host?

You will be invited to attend all Tour-related events, including the special Druid Hills Gala that will be held at Callanwolde prior to the Tour.

Our hosts also receive free tickets to the Tour and other special gifts as our way of thanking you for participating!

Have questions? 

Our Tour chair would love to talk to you about hosting. If you'd like to, we can also connect you with prior host(s) if you want to know more from a homeowner's perspective. 

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